• Screen printing


    Screen printing is one of the oldest printing techniques, which is suitable for application to a variety of materials: textiles, paper, plastics, wood, glass, acrylic, and other flat/smooth surfaces. This is an affordable printing technique, especially for larger quantities and dimensions. The maximum capacity of our printing house is 2400x1200mm. Screen printing inks provide a high color intensity and special effects – reflectivity.

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  • Printing on acrylic


    In practice, printing on acrylic is extremely demanding due to the properties of acrylic sheets which make it difficult to ensure the purity and adhesion of ink to the material. In our experience, the screen-printing technique has proven to be best when creating permanent and resistant acrylic printing solutions. Our printed matters on acrylic are resistant to various conditions (weather, chemical and physical) and can be used in various industries (automotive, caravanning, advertising, interior design, etc.).

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  • Printing on paper


    Printing on paper can be performed with a variety of printing techniques. Screen printing enables the adding of special effects onto already printed products, and printing on ready-made products (calendars, bags, etc.), which cannot be printed with other techniques. Different visual effects can be achieved (matte, glossy, glitter etc.) in accordance with your wishes.

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  • Screen printing on cardboard


    Screen printing on cardboard is an integral part of our business and is the fastest and most affordable printing technique on cardboard. Our hardware enables printing in different thicknesses and on larger surfaces. Printed corrugated cardboard is mainly used in transport and promotional packaging. We can also add special effects to already printed cardboard (matte, gloss, glitter etc.).

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